Monday, January 18, 2010

Staff Picks - Ibex Woolies

Well, I reckon it’s time to throw my opinion into the ring and write a “hot pick” of my own. The Taylor Clan just returned from a great week’s stay at the cabin up in Bayfield County. The girls and I loaded up the van with Oscar the dog, just about everything in our home refrigerator, some good tunes, and a tremendous amount of gear.
In fact, as a quick side note, it’s difficult to “hot pick” just one thing since every time we went out to play we were technically using some gear from the bike shop. I skied some new Rossignol skate skis, I rode the Surly Pugsley on miles and miles of winding snowmobile trail, we snow shoed on our Atlas shoes while pulling the Burley with the “We Ski Kit” adapter, and I ran in my waterproof Pearl Izumi running shoes with the Yaktrax traction chains strapped on for the ice. But with all that stuff, the thing that I kept forcing Alycann to listen to me rave about was the Ibex woolies that I sported the whole week.
Much wiser folks than I have been wearing wool for about as long as there have been sheep, and pretty much every one in the land that lives above the 42nd Parallel has a favorite pair of long johns. Ibex melds the two and creates the most functional and comfortable long underwear I have worn.

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