Saturday, December 5, 2009

A New Frontier at Bluedog Cycles

It’s official, and it’s time to address the rumors, Bluedog Cycles is moving! We’re thrilled to be relocating this winter into the Dahl Pharmacy building. This is the spot that Alycann and I have coveted for four years now. The best space in Vernon County, dare I say. This year saw more growth at the shop and we found ourselves stepping on each others toes and stashing way too much cool stuff in the back warehouse because we didn’t have room for it in the front. Then…our friend Karen Dahl called us up with a solution.
Since that initial conversation, I have found myself, many a night, standing in a big ol’ empty space in the heart of downtown wondering how we will fill it, where the half walls will go, where the flat screen will be hung, where the skis hang, which windows the coffee shop will look out, how many speakers we need, and when the first parking lot party/live music gig will go down. Yeah, we’re super excited.

The plans for it all go kinda like this-
• We’re in our new space starting in February.
• We’re bringing in Rossignol skis (Nordic at first), and a ski tuning shop.
• We’re working with our friends at Kickapoo Coffee (Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year) to set up a great coffee corner in the shop. Grab a latte while your skis are waxed or your flat is fixed.
• We’re also working with my buddy Chris and his crew up at Mt.Borah. Bluedog Cycles will become the official factory outlet store for all the great Mt.Borah stuff as well as feature all their latest and greatest.
• A much improved service area. Enough room for all the mechanics to get their job done without anybody getting in the way.
• More room to roam. Our little shop got a little tight at times.
• Look for some live music and local art at the shop

All of this is going to be happening right in the epicenter of downtown Viroqua. Same block as the farmer’s market, huge parking, stoplights for easy driving access, and a stones throw from some other great shops.
In the meantime, please stop by to say hi and tell us about your latest outdoor adventure. Maybe you can even help us with our move by taking some of the inventory off our hands so we don’t have so much to move. The weather is showing signs of a new season and it’s beautiful outside. There is nothing quite like leaving “first tracks” in the snow whether it’s on wheels, heels, snowshoes, or skis.


  1. Congratulations on the new location! I will for sure enjoy a cup of joe whilst my skis are being waxed! Oh yeah...the new site looks groovy as well.

  2. New site looks gr8 bludawg!! cant wait to help you move into dahl