Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Update

Well,It's been six weeks now since a post and it snowed today making me feel like it's a new season.
On a quick side note, I've already started writing the season summary post but it ain't next year yet so you'll all have to wait for the month by month. But I promise it will be lengthy and mildly interesting.
But for now we have to let y'all know what's important.

Yep, everything in house from 2011 is 20-40% off , and there is still some great riding to be had so hurry up and get in here so you can get out there.

SKIS have shipped and SNOWSHOES have shipped!!!
We'll be seeing them soon and N.O.A.A. is calling for a big, big  snow year. Bring It!!

IBEX Wool season is here!!!
We love dressing in comfy, warm wool form head to toe, and can help you be as happy and stylish as us. We are slinging IBEX again this year and as always, we're offering it at 20% off with no shipping charges. That's even better than the inter-web.

The diamond has landed!!!
We are positioning and dialing the skate sharpening machine this weekend and will be tuning blades starting next week. As always we will also be carrying some of the essentials for you Hockey Families so you don't have to drive to LAX or Madison.

Brewdog is smelling better than ever!!!
Yo, Kait ain't going to Central America this winter, she's sticking around to get her snowshoe stomp and Nordic glide on, and while she's here she's pulling the best espresso shots in town. 

These are a couple of the things we're jazzed on, and we're looking forward to a new season of fun. 
Stop in, grab a cup, and tell us about your next big adventure outside. We can help make it epic.

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