Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Staff Picks- Bar Mitts

I just got back from one of the best trail rides I've taken this year. It was so special that I also wrote an entry about it, but this is all about the new product that I've been testing and think that you should all know about. I first heard about Bar Mitts when I was checkin' out some of the Iditabike reports. If you're not familiar with this event, here's the scoop. Folks who are way more dedicated than myself will head up to Alaska every winter to race mountain bikes across the frozen landscape some 1000+ miles and endure 40 below temps. Beyond the obvious question of "Why", the next question is "How"? How do they stay warm (and alive)? Introducing Bar Mitts. These groovy handlebar covers of sorts are the warmest answer to cold weather riding I've found yet. I've had mine now for about a month. And while we haven't had sub zero temps, we have had teens and we've had freezing rain. I've been out on the Pugsley in both and my hands have been toasty warm. In fact, just the other morning I headed out for a pre-work ride. The temperature was in the teens and I ended up having to stop and take my lobster mitts off cuz my hands were sweaty hot. Bar Mitts attach to any standard mountain bike or road bike handlebar easily and can be used with or without gloves. Come on in to the shop, check mine out and pick up a set for yourself and the rider on your Christmas list. 

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