Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tonight I closed shop, layered up some Ibex wool, and went for the first snow ride of the year. Now, I recognize that we only got a skiff of snow today but as some of you know when it snows, it collects on the trail first making a most spectacular ribbon of white flowing through the woods. It’s getting dark quite early these days so this was a lighted ride. It was beautiful to see the snow falling in the light of the super bright headlight as it fired up the night. I rode over to Hubbard Hills with a bottle of Stout to enjoy, and an extra layer to wear while sitting on one of the many Leopold benches scattered around the woods. If you haven’t been to this great trail network in awhile, you’ve got to get out there. A hearty crew of trail workers has been diligently pluggin’ away for the past couple months to open up a new section of singletrack that is riding great and going to snowshoe wonderfully. In fact, just yesterday we finally connected the brand new stuff to the existing and now there’s about a mile of twisty fun that highlights some of the rock features and some great sinkholes. Sitting on the bench enjoying my reward, as cozy as could be, I had one of those “Life is real good” moments and wished that there was a way of capturing it all in photos or something. Of course there was not. I hope that some of you can read this though and think about your last trip into the snowy woods and how special it was and embrace what is about to happen to our local paradise.
The snow is coming.

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